Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are You Ready to Win?

Longtime activists Tim Mullen and Betsy Summers need your help.  Even after a long campaign season last year where both candidates worked very hard and represented the Libertarian Party in the best of light, they once again have thrown their hats into the ring to give the voters of Northeast Pennsylvania a true independent voice at the ballot box.

A number of things happened last November.  Tim Mullen received 15% of the vote in a hard three-way race, which turned out to be the second highest percentage of any Libertarian in the country in a three-way race.  Betsy received over 6%.  Their efforts qualified the Libertarian Party for minor political party status in Luzerne County.  Luzerne County voters also adopted a new Home Rule Charter.  What this means is that this November, voters will elect 11 new officers for county council.  There are 11 Republicans running, 11 Democrats, and 5 Independents, including Betsy and Tim.  Both Tim and Betsy have a real chance to make some history up here.  They have name recognition, are well received, and in an area that has been racked with corruption trials, are seen as two candidates not influenced by money and power.

Our immediate concern is getting them on the ballot and we want to make sure we have a sufficient number of signatures to fight off any challenge that comes our way.  I can tell you with certainty that the powers that be do not want to see these two candidates on the ballot.  We need to collect 995 signatures to qualify them and need another 1000 or so to be relatively safe.  Once on the ballot, these two candidates will once again have some remarkable results.  

A problem has developed with the 1000 signatures we have already collected.  Luzerne County ‘forgot’ to certify the Libertarian party as a minor political party till May 24th.  What that means is the paperwork we collected signatures on might very well be eligible for challenge.  Despite numerous attempts to get clarification in writing from the state and county as to where we might stand, no official has been willing to put it in writing.   

We must ensure these two deserving candidates appear on the ballot.  The only way to do that is to collect at least 2000 signatures over the next few weeks.  I would like to bring in paid petitioners to be certain this happens.  To do this we need to raise $2000.00 now.  If ever two candidates were worthy of your support, it is these two.  I am asking you to help in either of two ways.  Come to Luzerne County and help us collect these signatures or make a donation to help us afford to bring in paid petitioners for the final two weeks of July.

For those who supported Betsy and Tim in the past, you know they did everything they said they would do and more.  There were radio commercials, a campaign office and  printed materials, while no money went to political consultants.  All efforts went to help the campaigns and build the organization in Northeast Pennsylvania.  All money raised will be towards this effort and anything over will go to promote their candidacy throughout the year.

You can make your donations directly to their campaigns or to the NEPA Libertarians.  The time is now, so please be as generous as possible.

Thank You
Lou  Jasikoff
Tim Mullen
Betsy Summers

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