Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Piggy Bill

Washington loves pork. Main street America loves pork, and a little pork in everyone's diet is a good thing. Who doesn't enjoy a good barbecued pork sandwich, grilled pork chops, or a good old fashioned pig roast? I do, and our politicians certainly do also. Sometimes I think they live on pork. Difference is I want to know where that pork comes from, who supplied it, and is it good for consumption.

I applaud President Obama's recent decision to veto any bill that has pork in it. Great start. I agree with Senator Reid that Washington needs some pork in their diet. I just don't think it should be stuffed into some bill hidden like the stuffing in a Thanksgiving turkey. I think Senator Reid wants to continue his back room deals, making sure his cronies get paid back for political favors. In fact I think most of our politicians from the two old parties want to continue their old ways to make favor with those that help keep them in office.

So I propose the “Piggy Bill” and it works like this: Once a month, once every three months, or once a year whenever our esteemed politicians have a craving for a good pork sandwich they introduce the “piggy bill”. The piggy bill contains all the earmarks our politicians deem necessary for our country and their districts. Out in the open for all to see. No more earmarks in other legislation, a stand alone bill for earmarks. This way when my congressman from Northeast Pennsylvania comes touting that he just got us two, new, very needed fire engines for the local fire department, I get to see what was given up to get it, as does everyone else in the district. Instead of all the “atta boys” for a job well done I might have a different opinion when I see we also paid for a bridge to nowhere, beehives in Montana, a study of the mating habits of the sea turtles in California, and the best way to catch catfish in Louisiana.

Time for our government to be more open and transparent, this seems an easy way to start.

Louis R. Jasikoff
Restoring Freedoms Chair

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  1. I think this is a better idea: let these people pay for the pork themselves. They can fund any project they want as long as they pay for it themselves.

    Who am I kidding? If they actually cared about us, both might work. But they don't care a bit about us.